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Rules & Guidelines
The NATIONAL HANDICAPPERS BOWL is an independent monitoring service tracking the records of most of the nations leading professional handicappers.  It is privately run and completely independent of any sports service.  The standings are compiled in two separate divisions.

  • NFL Games
  • NFL Over/Unders (Totals)

The following guidelines should further clarify the NATIONAL HANDICAPPERS BOWL.

  1. Each selection is rated from one (1) to five (5) stars. This star rating reflects the services confidence in the selection and is used to determine the points won or lost each week.  A maximum of twenty-seven (27) stars can be played each week per division.  Also a maximum of three 5-star selections can be made in any week.
    • Correct selections earn +100 points per star
    • Incorrect selections earn - 110 points per star
  2. If a service decides to pass for any week they will appear in the weekly standings with an annotation (P) that they passed for the week.
  3. A won-lost percentage is maintained and periodically appears in the column as a featured statistic.  The percentage is calculated as games won divided by total number of games selected.