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You say you can pick winners?


The National Handicappers Bowl is the greatest single asset available to the professional handicapper today. But we’re only interested in you, if you’re serious about us. Now in our 37th year of operation, we know there are many legitimate hard-working professionals in the sports service industry because we’ve supplied our services to over 450 of them since our inception.

What does this mean to you? Simply that we will guarantee to hundreds of thousands of football fans, who just happen to be your kind of “players,” that you are a winner, honest and dependable.

You know as well as we do that, for every hard-working professional in the sports service industry like yourself, there are one or two who are running a scam, playing on both sides of the fence, or just can’t pick winners, but call themselves pros anyway. And the public’s perception of the industry was heavily slanted to the questionable side, until the National Handicappers Bowl came along.

The National Handicappers Bowl is an advertising and marketing company, which supplies you creditability, legitimacy, and thousands of online advertising exposures every week of the football season by independently monitoring your selections.

There are other monitors, but the National Handicappers Bowl is the oldest and longest standing monitor in the industry. We aren’t selling books or newsletters or affiliated with a sports service. We are completely neutral and independent, and that is why we’re the most respected.

Click here to download the registration form to become a participant in the 2016 National Handicappers Bowl, or you can email us if you have any questions at